Bundesliga Round 32

25 Apr

Dortmund officially won the league at the weekend with a 2-0 win over 4th places Borussia Monchengladbach. Nothing remarkable there I hear you say. But it was. In the last three weeks, they’ve faced and beaten 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Absolutely no one can doubt who the big game team are in Germany then. They have taken 68 points from the last 78 available, and after a dodgy start with 3 defeats in 6, they’ve gone 26 unbeaten (average ranked opponent beaten is 8.91). Shinji Kagawa was once again amongst the scorers with his 13th goal of the league season (9.67). The Japanese midfielder has really thrived since moving to Germany. They’ve now reached the 75 points that they managed last season – but still have two games left. Worthy champions.

Bayern warmed up for their Champions League semi final with a 2-1 win away at 8th placed Werder Bremen. Ribery is just behind Kagawa in the goal scoring midfielders list after hitting the winner for the Bavarian Giants, whilst Naldo scored for and against them (average opposition zero?). Monchengladbach’s defeat to Dortmund paired with Schalke’s 1-1 draw against 15th placed Augsburg means that third is still up for grabs with two games remaining – but the Top 4 teams are all but secure after fifth placed Stuttgart could only draw to relegation threatened Cologne.

No surprise that Huntelaar scored against Augsburg – it’s what he does. His 25th goal of the season takes him level with Gomez and amazingly they have the exact same average ranked opponent per goal. That’s so surprising that I’m going to double check the database…….yep, it’s solid. Anyway the point was that he’s scored almost half of his goals against teams in the Bottom 6. And whilst I’m being honest about things, as the German league is only 18 teams, there’s no 19th or 20th position, meaning that it’s actually 12 goals against just the bottom 4 teams. If that’s not a flat track bully, then I don’t know what is. Saying that, he has scored 4 against the Top 6 teams, unlike Mario Gomez who’s got a big fat zero. Granted, in the Champions League, he scored in the big game environment of a Semi Final against Real Madrid. Impressive, if it wasn’t a mis hit off his nuts after he missed with his feet – and from 4 yards out. The Bundesliga updates will be split by Top 5/Mid 8/Bottom 5 next season.

Despite Huntelaar and Gomez being bullies, they’re not the worst culprits. That’s still Martin Harnik of Stuttgart with 13.47 and just the one goal against the Top 6. It looks pretty much guaranteed that Marco Reus is going to win the Big Game Player tag with his average of 6.44 and the 10 goals against the Top 6. The only real threat (from the average opposition perspective) is Hannover’s Abdellaoue, currently on 7.00. If he can grab a couple against 6th placed Leverkusen and Reus decides to continue his recent form against Bottom 6 teams (one goal, last week) then maybe. Also in the top scorers list is Raul, who surprised many with the announcement that he won’t be staying at Schalke next season. His move to Germany has been a big success with 27 league goals in 65 games for the veteran Spaniard.

Falling a couple goals short of the Top Scorers list is FC Nurenburg’s in form midfielder Daniel Didavi. The 22 year old is on loan from Stuttgart in order to get some first team experience, and it seems to be beneficial for all. He scored his 8th league goal of the season in the 1-1 draw with 14th placed Hamburg, giving him an averge of 9.875. He’s done this in just 21 games having never previously scored a Bundesliga goal. Two goals recently against 3rd placed Schalke means he doesn’t go missing against the big boys, and he currently has 5 goals in his last 4 games. So he is definitely one to watch for the future, following in the footsteps of recent talented German Youngsters.

That’s all for now on this quick Bundesliga round up, but with the League due to finish on 5th of May, we’ll soon have up an in depth look back at the season from the average opposition rankings at the time of playing, and also the final positions.



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