Premier League Round 28

15 Mar

After 21 weeks in 1st place, Man City are now experiencing what many a title challenger have – Man Utd’s second half of the season form. No one should be surprised, it’s pretty much a guarantee. Death, Taxes and Man Utd finishing the season strongly, are the only three guarantees in life. And maybe Lee Cattermole kicking someone or crying. There’s just four guarantees in life. And Gerrard being Liverpool’s best player. There’s just five things……

You get the idea.

There’s just six guarantees in life….Dutch Footballers arguing with eachother

The plan is for a very quick post as I’ve got things to do but so much has gone on, it’s hard to cover everything. So here’s a few bullet points to speed things up:

  • Rooney’s goalscoring in the league this season:
    • 9 in 5
    • 0 in 9
    • 4 in 3
    • 0 in 6
    • 7 in 5
  • Steven Gerrard is a big game player – he’s scored in 3 games this season, once against Man Utd (their most hated rivals), once against Newcastle (Top 6 rivals) and a hat trick against Everton (their local rivals). His average opposition per goal is ranked 7.2, which is pretty impressive, and would be enough to put him at number one, if he had more goals. Hopefully for England’s sake, he’ll continue this form into the summer.
  • Crisis? What Crisis? Arsenal have now won 5 league games in a row. They’ve come from behind in the last 4 of those, against 4 teams in the Top 8. All of a sudden, they look formidable again. Their average opponent for the last 4 wins is 6th.
  • Crisis? What Crisis? Blackburn are now ranked 12th in the form table over the last 8 games.Three wins, two draws and three defeats isn’t particularly eye opening, but for a team that’s been in the relegation places for pretty much the whole season, and only had three wins in their first 20 games. They’re now in the dizzy position of 16th on the back of a real six pointer against Wolves (18th). Junior Hoillet proving his importance with both the goals. His 6 goals this season have been worth 6 points. You can see why he’s been linked with a big move away. It was also their first clean sheet of the season – shame on you Wolves.

Robin van Persie’s goal against his compatriot not only helped Arsenal to another Top 6 scalp, but also increased his lead at the top of the scoring charts to 26, and also increased his lead at the top of the goals against the Top 6 to 7. And that’s without the brace against 7th placed Liverpool in round 27. Impressive stuff. Rooney’s great run of form (he also has three in the two games against Bilbao) has seen him fly up the scoring charts, and means he’s got 20 league goals for just the second time in his career. However, his average of 12.05 and a tally of 8 goals vs Bottom 6 teams leaves room for improvement.

Holding the titles for this week are Big Game Player Adebayor with 7.82, and (useful) veteran and Flat Track Bully Frank Lampard with 14.90. As mentioned before, the caveat is that he’s a midfielder, though Dempsey (11.17), and Bale (13.11) both have done it against better ranked opponents.

As it’s just a quick entry this week, i’ll add a few Team Stats up for your information and interpretation:

Clean Sheets:

Arsenal’s recovery hasn’t been built on defence, Blackburn will be hoping their first clean sheet of the season will lead to others agianst Bottom 6 opponents, and QPR maybe have some hope with the terrible run in they have – they face Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Sunderland and the “easy” games – in form Swansea, West Brom and Stoke. Their 4 clean sheets have included shut outs against Newcastle and Chelsea. It’s still looking bad for them though. Man Utd and Fulham make short work of the stragglers at the bottom, whils Everton have kept the most clean sheets against Top 6 teams – with 3.


Liverpool have the highest ranked opponent per win with 11.36. They only have one win against Top 6 opponents as Arsenal were ranked 10th at the time of Liverpool’s 2-0 win, and Newcastle were ranked 7th when losing at Anfield. Man Utd prove that taking care of the simple things like beating bottom 6 teams, can get you to the top. The 9 wins clocked up against the bottom 6 have provided 27 of their 67 points. City lead the way against Top 6 teams, followed by a bouyant Arsenal, Everton and Man Utd. If Wolves do stay up, it’ll be becuase they’ve beaten 5 of the teams around them.

That’s all for this quick edition of the Premier League Update for now.



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