Bundesliga Round 21

15 Feb

With the Premier League and La Liga upto date, it’s time for a catch up with our German friends. And there’s a new superstar on the block.

Rolls Reus – remember that pun, you’ll see a lot more of it

Step forward Marco Reus. Those who follow German football will need no introduction to the Monchengladbach youngster, but i’ll go on the assumption that many of you will not know much about him. In the January transfer window, he agreed to sign for reigning champions Borussia Dortmund for 17.1m Euros. That’s the 3rd biggest transfer for a German player in Budesliga history – and the 13th highest of all nationalities. A big signing for Dortmund, although you can’t blame them for feeling a bit hard done by at the price, after all, he played for their youth team up until 2008. Ouch.

They won’t feel too hard done by though, if he can match his current form. At just 22 years of age, he’s scored 13 goals in 17 games, and chipped in with 4 assists for good measure. But that doesn’t tell the full story. He’s the epitome of a big game player. Of his 13 goals, a massive 10 have come against Top 6 opponents, with none against the bottom 6. His average ranked opponent per goal is a mightily impressive 5.38 – easily the highest in Germany. And he’s already helping out his future team with goals against Bayern Munich (then 1st), Schalke (3rd), and a hat trick against Werder Bremen (3rd) amoung others. He may not be the biggest name internationally, but he will be.

So apart from Reus, who else is performing well? Mario Gomez has continued to bang the goals in, albeit at a slower rate than at the start of the season, although of his 18 goals, only 1 has been against Top 6 opposition, with his AOI of 12.50 reflecting this. He’s like the Bundesliga’s Falcao. Podolski has continued his good season with 15 goals, but like his German team mate, they’ve come at a slower rate – with just one in the last 5 games (against 3rd place Schalke). That goal increased his goals against the Top Ranked opponents to a very impressive 8.

Elsewhere Stuttgart’s Austrian Striker Martin Harnik is the flat track bull with an average opposition per goal ranked at 14.70. He does have one goal against Top 6 opposition, but that’s one of ten, compared to the 6 against the bottom teams. Huntelaar who’s second in the goal scoring charts has 11 against the bottom teams, with only 2 against the Top teams.

Goals win points

In terms of the importance of their goals, it’s Mohammed Abdellaoue that remains top of both the points won league and also of the importance to their team. The 16 points that his goals have earned Hannover have been worth over half of their total points. A point per goal is impressive, and 1.45 points per goal is phenomenal. He has scored the decisive goal in 6 games.

Aside from Norwegian Mo, Claudio Pizarro has been responsible for 11 points for Werder Bremen in what has been another good season. In fact, he’s the Bundesliga’s all time top scoring foreigner with 157 goals, and 15 of them have come this season. On top of that he’s also created 7 for his team mates (Ribery leads the assist charts with 10). Not too bad for a player that looked very poor for Chelsea. Although underperforming up front for Chelsea isn’t that unusual.

Serie A to follow.



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