Premier League – Round 14

6 Dec

Bit of a shorter one today as there’s only one round of games to update. If you’re visiting this site for the first time, read the About section and for a few more details, have a look at the Rules and Workings section.

Click on the table if it doesn’t appear properly

With the formalities out of the way, let’s get into the movers and shakers. In terms of goals, there’s one outstanding contributor from the weekend – Feed the Yak and he will score is the saying. They must have prepared a feast because a) he still looks a little “strong” and b) he just scored 4 goals in one game – catapulting him up the table into 4th place in the goalscoring charts. There was a lefty, a righty and a header(y?) included meaning that he scored a perfect hat trick as well. No mean feat.

Yakubu is doing his best to save Steve Kean’s job but will surely need to keep up his impressive strike rate to do so. Getty Images

Although his opposition average per goal is a lowly 14.22, it’s worth remembering that with the exception of his brace against bottom placed Wigan, all of his goals have been scored against teams above Blackburn. This is the second time Yakubu has scored 4 goals in one Premier League game – the first time being for Pompey back in 2004 against future employers Middlesbrough.

Everton, the team Yakubu left in search of first team football have a total of 15 goals (average opposition per goal is 12.27). Their top league scorer is Greek youngster Vellios with three (ave opp of 10.0). To be fair to Everton, Yakubu scored just one goal for them last season, so his change of diet at Blackburn seems to be suiting him.

Robin van Persie’s one man attack on the rest of the Premier League sees him add another to his impressive tally. As Wigan were in 19th place, his average has gone down to 10.69, but he still leads the way in goals against the top 6 – with four. His closest challenger for the golden boot is Aguero who also scored at the weekend in Man City’s demolition of Norwich (ranked 9th). The big game player for the season so far, Balotelli also scored in this game. Given the nature of the Average Opposition Index, although team mates, Aguero’s average went up to 11.91 from 12.5, whereas Balotelli’s went down from 6.5 to 6.86.

Stuck at the bottom of average opposition index is another player who has sometimes been described as “strong” in the Yakubu sense, Frank Lampard. Lampard had the opportunity to improve his average from 15.83 to 14.1 if he’d managed to convert from the spot against Newcastle (#4). Tim Krul had other ideas and he remains on the worst average (for players with 6 goals or more).

Best Average after 14 games: Mario Balotelli

Worst Average after 14 games: Frank Lampard

I’ll be posting a feature on the players who have scored four goals or more in a Premier League game in the next few days.

I’m still working out how to format the tables, so please click on them to view a little easier.




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